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Hartford Hop Farms is a family run farm owned by Ryan and Stacey Coombs. The quiet hamlet of Hartford runs deep with agricultural roots, which provides the perfect foundation to grow, and raise our family.


Having a passion for craft brewing in our great country laid the groundwork for our operation. In our eyes, there is no better way to support the industry then supplying a quality product for brewing.


Growing hops is truly a labour of love to us. We work hard to grow without sacrificing our values of Quality, Respect and Sustainability.


Quality in the hops we grow.

Respect for the land we grow on and customers we serve.

Sustainability for future generations.


Our belief is that you are only as good as the soil you grow in. We work hard to develop and maintain soil health, without compromising it with harsh chemicals and fertilizers. We constantly test, amend, and work our land to achieve optimal growing conditions as organically as possible.

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